Cosome Lozenges – CWC23 Campaign

Leveraging The Emotional Connect
of a Beloved Sport

Teaming up with BlackBox Studios to create and promote a Cricket Song, Cosome Lozenges sought to leverage the emotional connection of cricket to its advantage.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads
Cosome Lozenges

In a competitive market dominated by established brands like Strepsils and Vicks, Cosome faced the daunting task of carving out its identity and gaining visibility among consumers.

With the launch of its World Cup 2023 Cricket Song – Tujh Jesa Koi Nahin , the challenge lay in ensuring effective marketing to avoid being overshadowed by industry giants.

In executing these strategies, Cosome Lozenges enlisted the expertise of BBS to lead the charge. Leveraging BBS’s comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and market dynamics, It aimed to maximize the impact of its marketing efforts and effectively carve out a space for itself in the competitive landscape.


The primary goal was to foster engagement with their World Cup 2023 Cricket Song – Tujh Jesa Koi Nahin.

Despite budget constraints, Cosome Lozenges aimed to maximize impact through creative Facebook ads targeting cricket enthusiasts across generations and various cricket leagues. The objective was to create a genuine connection between brand and the cricket community, leveraging the emotional resonance of the sport.


The campaign delivered outstanding results across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, exceeding expectations with millions of impressions, reaching a vast audience, and driving substantial engagement.

The music video became a sensation, with an impressive number of plays and watch time highlighting its appeal to the target demographic. The success of this campaign showcases the combination of innovation, strategic targeting, and leveraging the emotional connection of a beloved sport, setting a remarkable precedent for effective marketing in a competitive landscape. The campaign achieved 3,787,556 impressions, reached 2,734,243 people, had 475,726 plays, and received 1,693,252 engagements.

Driving success through innovative campaigns

Driving success through innovative campaigns

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