Cosome Lozenges

Leveraging The Emotional Connect of a Beloved Sport.

Cosome lozenges offer a soothing and refreshing introduction to your taste buds, and they contain a blend of natural ingredients for throat relief.

Cosome Lozenges

In 2023, Cosome faced a challenge establishing itself in a market crowded with established giants like Strepsils and Vicks.

Faced an uphill battle to carve out its identity and gain visibility among consumers. To ensure that its produced music video didn’t go unnoticed, effective marketing was crucial to gain visibility among consumers.

Cosome leveraged the passion for cricket in Asian countries and collaborated with the revered band Kashmir to produce a Cricket Song. To ensure the song reached its intended audience, Cosome devised a savvy Facebook ads campaign, and Mark Zuckerberg and some others stepped onto their team.


An advertising campaign that aimed to foster engagement over a music video by Cosome during the cricket tournament in Pakistan across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The campaign had a daily budget of 10,000 PKR. It used a music video as the ad creative to intertwine the passion of the cricketing season with the comfort Cosome provides during those high-stakes matches. The targeting approach was broad, reaching different age groups and fans deeply involved in specific cricket leagues. The campaign included influencer collaborations to amplify the message and increase visibility.


In conclusion, the success of this campaign epitomizes the fusion of innovation, strategic targeting, and leveraging the emotional connect of a beloved sport.

The campaign was a huge success, delivering remarkable results The music video became a sensation, reaching a vast audience and driving substantial engagement. Cosome’s bold approach not only elevated its visibility but also established a profound association between the brand and the passion of cricket, setting a remarkable precedent for effective marketing in a competitive landscape.

Comprehensive digital marketing services to help your brand thrive online.

Comprehensive digital marketing services to help your brand thrive online.

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