Elevated Online Presence through Comprehensive SEO Strategies

ECI is a leading national provider of vegetation and asset management consulting and field services to the electric and gas utility industry.


ECI faced significant challenges in navigating the digital sphere, particularly in achieving optimal search engine rankings.

A notable obstacle was the lack of mobile optimization, hindering the website’s performance and user experience. Additionally, gaps in mobile-specific SEO strategies posed hurdles in maximizing search engine visibility.

To overcome these challenges, ECI sought to revamp its approach, prioritizing mobile responsiveness and tailored SEO techniques to improve rankings and attract a broader audience.


Over a span of two months, ECI set out to achieve multifaceted goals in enhancing its online presence.

The primary objectives included improving search engine visibility, enhancing user experience through mobile optimization, and securing top rankings for relevant keywords. By implementing targeted strategies such as mobile-responsive design enhancements, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) implementation, and mobile SEO optimization, ECI aimed to drive organic traffic, generate leads, and establish authority in the environmental consulting domain.


The strategic implementation of SEO techniques yielded promising results for ECI.

Through meticulous keyword analysis, product optimization, and technical enhancements, the website witnessed significant improvements in search engine rankings. Moreover, initiatives such as industry-specific directory submissions, expert contributions, and social media engagement bolstered ECI’s visibility within its target audience.

As a result, ECI achieved top rankings for key keywords, solidifying its position as a trusted leader in environmental consulting.

Fueling ECI's SEO Success Story

Fueling ECI's SEO Success Story

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