HoneySpree’s social media Glow Up - A Success Story

HoneySpree is Singapore's top online gift retailer, offering gift sets, hampers and baskets for all occasions.


Navigating the digital sphere, HoneySpree faced its fair share of trials in standing out and engaging on social platforms.

By leveraging social media, they aimed to Enhance Brand Visibility and Awareness, Boost Engagement and Community Interaction, Increase Sales and Conversion Rates, and Showcase a Social Cause.

Despite dishing out affordable, top-notch gifts and supporting SAHMs, the brand struggled to shine brightly in the digital limelight. Likes, shares, comments? Few and far between. Follower growth? Stagnant. That’s where BBS took up HS’s social glow-up.


For HoneySpree, we created a problem-solving approach that hosts giveaways almost every month. These giveaways have helped the company to grow its followers and increase likes, comments, and shares.

HoneySpree always attends every occasion to engage with its audience, whether showcasing seasonal products or celebrating special days. The company’s content mix includes promos, lifestyle shots, occasions, and playful engagement, all of which make for delightful content. HoneySpree uses carousels and reels to showcase its products, a secret sauce for its visual storytelling prowess.


HoneySpree has achieved impressive growth on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They have gained many followers, profile views, and engagement on Instagram, reflecting their magnetic appeal and authentic connection with their audience.

HoneySpree’s Instagram followers surged by 34,384.38% in just a year. Their profile views and engagement also skyrocketed. They have 7.7K page likes and 5K profile views on Facebook, with steady and significant engagement. These numbers represent growth and a genuine connection with their audience, and a commitment to their social cause at affordable prices.

We transform your brand growth and lead generation.

We transform your brand growth and lead generation.

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