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HoneySpree, renowned for its curated gift collections, introduced a special range for Teacher’s Day, including gift sets, hampers, and customizable honey jars.

Meta Ads

Unlike broader events such as birthdays or weddings, Teacher’s Day gifts have a narrower target audience, focusing specifically on educators and educational institutions.

This necessitated a more targeted advertising approach to maximize campaign effectiveness. The challenge lay in crafting compelling ad creatives and targeting strategies to capture the attention of this specific audience segment.

Moreover, with limited resources, the campaign had to achieve significant results within a constrained budget. Overcoming these challenges required strategic planning and meticulous execution. This is where BBS came in, applying its expertise to navigate the complexities of digital advertising and deliver exceptional results.


The primary objective of the campaign was to increase the number of conversions or sales for HoneySpree's Teacher’s Day gift collection.

With a daily budget of $30, the aim was to optimize every dollar spent to maximize the campaign’s impact. The creative strategy involved creating three types of ad creatives – single static images, carousels, and video ads – to cater to different audience preferences and engagement levels. Targeting efforts were directed towards schools, colleges, universities, teachers, students, and other educational professionals.


Despite the challenges, the campaign delivered remarkable outcomes, surpassing expectations on multiple fronts.

Running for 23 days from August 16th to September 7th, the campaign achieved impressive results. It reached 12,040 individuals, generated 559 link clicks, and resulted in 14 valuable purchases, all at a cost per result of $33.38. Notably, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) stood out at 3.93, indicating the campaign’s effectiveness in driving conversions and sales. Overall, the success of this campaign underscored the importance of strategic targeting and creative execution in digital marketing.

Empowering brands to reach heights

Empowering brands to reach heights

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