Spicing Up the Social Media Game - A Success Story

Kronchis is a Houston-based F&B brand that offers fiery corn-based chips renowned for their spice and zest.


Kronchis primary objective revolves around positioning itself as a new player in the spicy snack market, wanting to establish itself as a leading spicy chip brand like Takis and Cheetos.

To achieve this, they partnered with BBS to bring spicy content to better engage with their audience. Kronchis uses humor, wit, and sarcasm in their social media posts to entertain and engage the audience.

The brand’s social media posts are seasoned with laughter and always ready to spice up any occasion, whether Christmas or Halloween. Kronchis’ posts may not always be directly related to chips, but they’re sure to turn heads and start conversations.


We researched and plan to educate, engage, and differentiate Kronchis from competitors by offering unique and distinctive flavors.

The company aims to educate potential customers about the brand and its unique offerings through targeted marketing campaigns and social media posts. They also aim to create a community of spice lovers by engaging with customers on social media. To increase Kronchis’ metrics and organically exhibit substantial follower growth.


After eight months of working with BBS, Kronchis' online metrics show substantial follower growth and increased brand visibility.

The organic increase in followers was 356%, with an impression count of 17,501 and an average reach of

36. During this period, the website had 4,672 profile visits and 136 clicks, indicating successful interest conversion. Kronchis’ robust online presence in the competitive spicy snack market is attributed to engaging copywriting, timely content, and creative posts.

Crafting platform-specific strategies that are valuable for audiences.

Crafting platform-specific strategies that are valuable for audiences.

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