Spicing Up the Social Media Game - A Success Story

Spicing Up the Social Media Game - A Success Story

Copywriting, Content Creation, Social Media Management

As a newcomer in a spicy snack market dominated by heavyweights like Takis and Cheetos, Kronchis aimed to establish itself as a leading spicy chip brand.

The challenges initially revolved around building brand recognition and awareness. Understanding and adapting to changing consumer preferences for spicy snacks were crucial factors.

Developing effective marketing strategies and creating unique selling points were paramount challenges Kronchis had to tackle.


Kronchis aimed to stand out in the market by engaging its audience organically with spicy content. The goal was to blend their copywriting style with wit and sarcasm, ensuring every word packed a flavorful punch.

The brand took humor seriously, and its social media posts were always seasoned with wit, irony, and laughter. Kronchis was always ready to pep up occasions, be it Christmas or Halloween, and its creative posts were sure to turn heads and ignite conversations. To achieve this, it partnered with BBS to bring spicy content to better engage with its audience.


After eight months of working with BBS, Kronchis' online metrics showed substantial follower growth and increased brand visibility.

The organic increase in followers was 356%, with an impression count of 17,501 and an average reach of 36. The website had 4,672 profile visits and 136 clicks during this period, indicating successful interest conversion. Kronchis’ robust online presence in the competitive spicy snack market is attributed to engaging copywriting, timely content, and creative posts

Content should always be spicy

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