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Ridan House Of Mandi is renowned for providing its authentic Arabic experience to Pakistani food lovers, inviting them to feast on Middle Eastern delicacies.

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The Pakistani market was not yet familiar with or fully receptive to Arabic food, often perceiving it as bland and flavorless.

Our task was to change this perception and encourage the adaptation of Arabic food tastes. Additionally, as a new entrant in the market, Ridan needed to establish its brand identity, positioning itself as a place where people could unwind after work or celebrate with family, all while enjoying beautiful Arabic flavors.

This dual challenge of altering food perception and establishing a strong brand presence required a strategic and creative approach.


The campaign had several objectives. Firstly, we aimed to raise awareness among our target audience, which included office goers and families.

Second, we sought to generate interest in the exquisite flavors of Arabic cuisine. Third, we aimed to create a desire for the delectable dishes offered at Ridan House Of Mandi. Finally, we endeavored to encourage the audience to visit the restaurant and indulge in an authentic Arabic dining experience.

These objectives adhered to the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) model, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for brand development and customer engagement.


To achieve our goals, BlackBox Studios conceptualized a campaign that revolved around the unique flavors of Arabic food and the joy it could bring to office goers and families.

The DVC showcased corporate professionals and families enjoying the vibrant and flavorful dishes at Ridan. The food visuals were carefully crafted to generate desire, and a compelling voiceover was used to inform the audience about what the restaurant offers.

The campaign was executed with precision, from the initial concept and scripting to the final shoot and post-production. The result was a highly successful campaign that not only changed perceptions but also drove significant business results. Sales at Ridan House increased by 60%, proving the effectiveness of our strategic and creative approach.

Boosting sales through innovative storytelling.

Boosting sales through innovative storytelling.

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