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Elevating Simply 7's Social Media Presence - A Success Story

The contemporary snack landscape  often emphasizes taste over health, leaving health conscious consumers  with few choices.

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The contemporary snack landscape often emphasized taste over health, leaving health-conscious consumers with few choices.

Educating consumers about the importance of healthy snacking without compromising on flavors was a challenge.

Staying ahead in a competitive market where trends constantly evolved required continuous innovation. Meeting stringent regulations regarding health claims, nutritional labeling, and ingredient sourcing added complexity.


Recognizing the gap, Simply 7 aimed to redefine the snacking experience by offering a flavorful alternative without compromising health. The goal was not to spam followers’ feeds with constant posting but to limit posts to 3-4 times per week.

The brand prioritized genuine and captivating content across social media platforms through nutritional insights, recipes, reviews, engaging memes, and occasional posts that distinguished itself from conventional chip brands. BBS led the charge in encouraging active participation through comments to increase follower growth organically.


Simply 7's social media accounts gained 98,497 followers in seven months, with 57,076 impressions and a reach of 49,452. The brand's content received significant engagement by focusing on high-quality content, user-generated enthusiasm, and health-focused messaging.

The brand’s impressive growth in social media metrics shows how a strategic approach to content and community can revolutionize the snacking industry.

Innovation breeds transformation

Innovation breeds transformation

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