Elevating Simply 7's Social Media Presence - A Success Story

Simply7’s offers healthy snacking with plant-based chips in different bases and flavors, setting itself apart from traditional chips.


Simply 7 aims to redefine the snacking experience by offering a flavorful alternative without compromising health, leaving health-conscious consumers with few choices.

Their primary objective is to provide a healthy snacking alternative without compromising on taste and reposition the perception of snacking by educating consumers about guilt-free snacking options.

The brand aims to create a community of health-conscious individuals and set itself apart from conventional chip brands like Lay’s, Cheetos, and Pringles by highlighting its health-focused approach. It seeks to achieve this through social media by educating, engaging, and differentiating.


We plan and execute Simply 7's social media content according to the client recruitments. The brand follows the "less is more" principle to maintain quality standards, even in the caption.

Spamming followers’ feeds with constant posting is different from how they operate. Simply seven posts 3-4 times a week on Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, simply 7 is always on top of timely content. Whether it’s a big holiday or an obscure observance, the brand always pays attention, ensuring its presence on every occasion.


Simply 7's Facebook account gained 98,497 followers in seven months, with 57,076 impressions and 49,452 reach. The content elicited 667 engagements and 179 reactions.

By focusing on quality content, user-generated enthusiasm, and health-focused messaging. Simply 7 has redefined snacking by prioritizing quality content and leveraging user-generated enthusiasm. With impressive growth reflected in its social media metrics, the brand exemplifies how a thoughtful approach to content and community can revolutionize the snacking industry.

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