Winto x Cosome – Cricket Bash Tournament

Innovating Success with Strategic Marketing

BlackBox Studios teamed up Wintogeno and Cosome Lozenges to host the grandest indoor Ramadan cricket tournament, The Indoor Cricket Bash.

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The primary challenge was to create a buzz around the Indoor Cricket Bash and attract both on-ground attendees and online viewers.

With 24 teams participating, it was crucial to maintain high engagement levels throughout the event. We had to ensure that the event was not only well-organized but also captured the excitement and competitive spirit of cricket to keep the audience hooked.

Additionally, coordinating with influencers and managing live streaming presented logistical challenges that required meticulous planning and execution. Our goal was to bridge the gap between physical attendance and virtual participation, making the event accessible to a wider audience. Overcoming these challenges required a strategic approach and seamless coordination across various platforms and activities.


Our primary objectives were to maximize attendance and engagement for the Indoor Cricket Bash, both on-ground and online.

We aimed to create a significant digital presence for the event through social media and live streaming. The plan included generating pre-event hype, maintaining high engagement during the event, and sustaining post-event interest. Specific goals included increasing the reach and engagement of our social media posts, ensuring a high number of live-stream viewers, and achieving substantial organic engagement through compelling content.

We also aimed to leverage the influence of prominent personalities to attract a larger audience and build excitement and anticipation for the event. Ultimately, the goal was to make the Indoor Cricket Bash a memorable and widely recognized event.


The results of our campaign were remarkable. The Indoor Cricket Bash attracted over 500 enthusiastic attendees, filling the venue with energy and excitement.

Our digital campaign achieved an astounding reach, with significant organic engagement reflecting the audience’s enthusiasm. The live-streaming initiative was a resounding success, allowing individuals from various locations to immerse themselves in the event. The pre-event hype generated significant interest, and our engaging content maintained high levels of interaction throughout the tournament. The influencers’ contributions played a crucial role in attracting a larger audience and building anticipation.

Overall, the Indoor Cricket Bash surpassed all expectations, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategic approach. The event not only captivated audiences on-ground and online but also set a new standard for organizing and promoting cricket tournaments.

Strategizing Brand Success

Strategizing Brand Success

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