Wintogeno – Bushra Ansari

Revitalizing Wintogeno’s Legacy through Testimonial Drive

Wintogeno, a well-known pain relief cream brand with a 50-year history, experienced a decline in sales visibility.

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The primary challenge was to revive a legacy brand that was losing its foothold in the market.

Wintogeno’s customer base had dwindled, and its visibility was significantly reduced. The brand needed a modern approach to re-engage its audience and boost sales. The challenge lay in crafting compelling strategies to capture the attention of this specific audience segment. Overcoming these challenges required strategic planning and meticulous execution. This is where BBS came in.


The main objectives of the campaign were to increase brand awareness and visibility, re-establish Wintogeno’s legacy and reconnect with its audience.

We proposed an influencer endorsement campaign leveraging the trust and popularity of veteran celebrities. The centerpiece of this campaign was an endorsement video featuring Bushra Ansari, which was adapted for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We strategically planned the lineup of celebrities and crafted scripts emphasizing their personal experiences with Wintogeno, highlighting its effectiveness and reliability.


The campaign delivered exceptional results, far surpassing initial expectations. the campaign garnered a total of 4.6 million views across all platforms. On Instagram, we achieved 2.6 million views, 1.5 million reach, and 20,000 engagements.

On YouTube, the campaign recorded 2 million views, strategically placed on popular channels and videos. These results underscored the campaign’s success in increasing brand awareness, re-establishing Wintogeno’s legacy, and boosting social media presence. The influencer endorsement by Bushra Ansari resonated with the audience, driving engagement and enhancing the brand’s credibility.

Legacy revived, influence leveraged successfully

Legacy revived, influence leveraged successfully

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